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I am a Journalism Student currently in my second year at the University of Sheffield, whilst originally being from Worcestershire, UK. I am currently a part of the editorial team at the student-lead Liberty Belle Magazine and love channeling my passion into my work every day. 

The ‘vanilla girl’: Who is she and how is she taking over TikTok?

She is the latest figure taking over the for-you-pages of many TikTok users, but what does it mean to be a ‘vanilla girl’?

Five years ago, many would have taken being called ‘vanilla’ as an insult, an innuendo for being considered basic or boring. However, the ‘vanilla girl’ is anything but. Stemming from the infamous clean girl aesthetic which took over the later part of 2022, the vanilla girl is putting a new spin on being effortlessly put together.

Think soft pink blushes, nourishing lip oi

Endometriosis: What is it and why does it need an awareness month?

Unbeknown to many, March is Endometriosis Action Month. You may be thinking why does this condition need a whole month’s recognition? I've never even heard of it, so how bad can it be? And it would be fair to ask those questions as it is not widely spoken about in mainstream media, but that’s exactly why it needs a month. Let's talk Endo.

where tissue similar to the lining of the womb grows in other places around the body. This is the same tissue that when shed causes a period, but when shed ou

The best beauty advent calendars for this Christmas

With the nights drawing in and the weather getting colder, we can officially start talking about Christmas. As the festivities start brewing, it’s time to get the tree out of the loft and start decorating your house in reels of fairy lights.

Time to get present planning and, most excitingly, time to buy your advent calendar.

Beauty advent calendars can be a great way of killing two birds with one stone; a present and advent calendar in one. Finding a new lipstick or face mask behind every door

Opinion: why normalising female pleasure is a good thing

I didn’t know a woman could orgasm until I was probably around 17. I was having a conversation with my friends, one of those hilariously random conversations where nothing is off limits, and someone bought up masturbation. Now this may just have been me being innocently naive, but I genuinely believed masturbating was only something you could do if you had a penis.

We learnt about male orgasms in sex education classes at school, but not once was orgasming ever spoken about from a female perspec

We need to talk periods: x Free Flow

Periods. The ‘p-word’. A word that is considered a taboo topic by many and is too often overlooked. In today's financial and political climates however, we need to talk about periods more than ever, and one Sheffield student-ran social enterprise group is doing just that. I sat down with Belle Capey, the project leader of Free Flow, to find out what the group is trying to accomplish.

Free Flow is a project part of the Enactus programme at the university that aims to educate people about period

Ease your mind: How to look after your mental health after Freshers week

You have just moved to university and probably have a myriad of emotions running through your head. You are proud of securing your place and excited for all the new experiences at your feet. People preach how these will be the best years of your life.

However, not many people talk about that strange feeling of sitting in your new room surrounded by unfamiliar faces as your family drives away, leaving you to start your first year at University.

As fun as it can be, there is this unspoken expect

Abortion pill by post to be scrapped – a human rights violation or lawful procedure?

In a bid to take the strain off the overworked and underfunded NHS at a time of crisis, the government introduced the ‘pill by post’ scheme, enabling women to receive their prescribed abortion medication at home - but this is all due to end as of 29th August this year. In my opinion, removing this option of at-home abortions would be a dangerous step back for abortion rights and women’s rights in the country.

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